Group Exhibitions


30th April 2019 - 20th July 2019
Sara Kay Gallery, New York

Never Again. Art Against War and Fascism in the 20th and 21st Centuries
30th August 2019 - 17th November 2019
Museum on the Vistula, Warsaw


Monuments to US
27th January 2018 - 8th April 2018
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Modern Times: American Art 1910-1950
18th April 2018 - 3rd September 2018
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Catalogue by Jessica Todd Smith.

In the Company of Barbara Hepworth Lee Milller Alice Neel
5th October 2018 - 17th November 2018
T J Boulting, London

Constructing the World. Art and Economy 1919-1939
12th October 2018 - 3rd February 2019
Kunsthalle Mannheim

Catalogue edited by Eckhart J. Gillen and Ulrike Lorentz

Peindre la nuit
13th October 2018 - 15th April 2018
Centre Pompidou Metz


Soul of a Nation. Art in the Age of Black Power
12th July 2017 - 22nd October 2017
Tate Modern, London

Catalogue edited by Mark Godfrey and Zoe Whitley. Touring to The Broad, Los Angeles 23 March to 1 September 2019


Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible
18th March 2016 - 14th September 2016
Met Breuer, New York

Catalogue by Kelly Baum, Andrea Brayer and Sheena Wagstaff

Coming to Power. 25 Years of Sexually Explicit Art by Women
9th September 2016 - 16th October 2016
Maccarone, New York

23rd September 2016 - 5th November 2016
Victoria Miro Gallery, London

Catalogue with an essay by Martin Coomer

These Strangers ... Painting and People
1st October 2016 - 8th January 2017
S. M. A. K. Gent

Catalogue edited by Ann Hoste with texts by Bianca Baroni, Kirsty Bell, Iwona Blazwick, Martin Herbert, Ann Hoste, Jeremy Lewison, Yael Lipschutz, Paulina Pobocha and Monika Szewczyk.


Zie De Mens. Honderd jaar, honderd gezichten
1st October 2016 - 15th January 2017
Museum de Fundatie

Catalogue by Hans den Hartog Jager

Postwar: Art Between the Pacific and the Atlantic 1945-1965
14th October 2016 - 26th March 2017
Haus der Kunst, Munich

Catalogue edited by Okwui Enwezor, Katy Siegel and Ulrich Wilmes


The Great Mother. Women, Maternity, and Power in Visual Art and Culture, 1900-2015
26th August 2015 - 15th November 2015
Palazzo Reale, Milan

Catalogue edited by Massimiliano Gioni with texts by multiple authors

Forces in Nature
13th October 2015 - 14th November 2015
Victoria Miro Gallery, London

Curated by Hilton Als. Catalogue text by Hilton Als.

Raben Muetter
23rd October 2015 - 21st February 2016
Lentos Kunstmuseum

Catalogue with texts by Sabine Feller, Barbara Vinken, Gertrud Klemm et al.

The Power of Painting
2nd November 2015 - 29th January 2016
Thomas Ammann Fine Art, Zurich

Tight Rope Walk: Painted Images after Abstraction
25th November 2015 - 24th January 2016
White Cube Bermondsey, London

Curated by Barry Schwabsky. Catalogue by Barry Schwabsky


Face Value. Portraiture in the Age of Abstraction
18th April 2014 - 11th January 2015
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

Catalogue with a poem by John Ashbery and essays by David C. Ward and Wendy Wick Reeves and Brandon Brame Fortune.

Alice Neel/Erastus Salisbury Field. Painting the People
5th July 2014 - 2nd November 2014
Bennington Museum, Vermont


30th April 2010 - 26th June 2010
Veneklasen/Werner, Berlin


In the Company of Alice
22nd June 2010 - 30th July 2010
Victoria MIro Gallery, London


Paint Made Flesh
23rd January 2009 - 10th May 2009
Nashville, Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Touring to Phillips Collection, Washington D.C., and Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester.

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The Female Gaze. Women Look at Women
25th June 2009 - 19th September 2009
New York, Cheim and Read

The Figure and Dr Freud
8th July 2009 - 22nd August 2009
New York, Haunch of Venison

Nexus New York. Latin American Artists in the Modern Metropolis
17th October 2009 - 28th February 2010
El Museo de Bario, New York

Catalogue edited by Deborah Cullen


Wack! Art and the Feminist Revolution
4th March 2007 - 4th July 2007
Los Angeles, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Catalogue Cornelia Butler and Lisa Gabrielle Mark (eds), three venues

The Naked Portrait
6th June 2007 - 2nd September 2007
Edinburgh, Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Toured to Compton Verney, Warwickshire. Catalogue by Martin Hammer

I Am as You Will Be
20th September 2007 - 3rd November 2007
New York, Cheim and Read

Essay by Xavier Tricot


The New Landscape/The New Still Life: Soutine and Modern Art
22nd June 2006 - 8th September 2006
New York, Cheim and Read

Essay by Maurice Tuchman


Naked since 1950
11th October 2001 - 8th December 2001
New York, C & M Arts

Catalogue by Robert Pincus-Witten


The Human Factor: Figuration in American Art
5th August 2000 - 4th October 2000
Lincoln, Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery

Multiple venues


In Memory of My Feelings: Frank O'Hara and American Art
11th July 1999 - 14th November 1999
Los Angeles, The Museum of Contemporary Art

Two venues Catalogue by Russell Ferguson

The American Century. Art & Culture 1950 - 2000
26th September 1999 - 13th February 2000
New York, Whitney Museum of American Art

Catalogue by Lisa Phillips


Faces of Time: 75 Years of Time Magazine Cover Portraits
20th March 1998 - 2nd August 1998
Washington, D.C.: The National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution.


18th June 1998 - 7th August 1998
New York, Thomas Healy Gallery

In Her Voice: Self Portraits by Women
11th December 1998 - 28th March 1998
Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art, Ursinus College


Views from Abroad: European Perspectives on American Art 3: American Realities
10th July 1997 - 5th October 1997
New York, Whitney Museum of American Art
Catalogue by Adam Weinberg, Nicholas Serota, and Sandy Nairne, with essays by Andrew Brighton and Peter Wollen

12th September 1997 - 16th November 1997
Sydney, Australia

The Art Gallery of New South Wales. Catalogue by Anthony Bond


Poet Rebels of the 1950s
26th January 1996 - 2nd June 1996
Washington, D.C.
The National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Summer Group Show
1st July 1996 - 30th August 1996
New York, Robert Miller Gallery


Face Value: American Portraits
16th July 1995 - 3rd September 1995
Southampton, New York, The Parrish Art Museum
Traveled to two venues. Catalogue by Donna de Salvo et al

Femininmasculin: Ie sexe de I'art
24th October 1995 - 12th February 1996
Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou

Voices of Conscience: Then and Now
13th December 1995 - 27th January 1996
New York, A.CA Gallery


Face-Off: The Portrait in Recent Art
9th September 1994 - 30th October 1994
Institute of Contemporary Arts, University of Pennsylvania. Traveled to two venues. Catalogue by Melissa E. Feldman, with an essay by Benjamin H. D. Buchloh


The Portrait Now
19th November 1993 - 6th February 1994
London, National Portrait Gallery
Catalogue by Robin Gibson


Philadelphia Juvenile: The Art of Future Past
6th September 1991 - 13th October 1991
The Levy Gallery for the Arts in Philadelphia, Moore College of Art and Design

American Realism and Figurative Art: 1952-1990
1st November 1991 - 20th December 1991
Japan, The Miyagi Museum of Art
Traveled to four venues in Japan


Figuring the Body
28th July 1990 - 28th October 1990
Boston, Museum of Fine Arts

National Association of Women Artists: 100 Years
15th September 1990 - 4th November 1990
New York, The Albany Institute of History of Art

Travelled to eight venues

A Room with Soutine, Neel, Hockney, Freud, Ensor, Guston, Morley, Bacon, Kossoff, Basquiat, and de Kooning
4th December 1990 - 29th December 1990
New York, Robert Miller Gallery


Making Their Mark: Women Artists Move Into the Mainstream 1970-85
22nd February 1989 - 2nd April 1989
Cincinnati, Cincinnati Art Museum
Travelled to three venues. Catalogue by Randy Rosen and Catherine C. Brawler

Alice Neel, Diane Arbus: Children
25th April 1989 - 20th May 1989
New York, Robert Miller Gallery

Lines of Vision: Drawings by Contemporary Women
1st July 1989 - 1st November 1989
Brookville, New York
Hillwood Art Gallery, Long Island University. Traveled to six venues. Catalogue by Judy Kay Collischan van Wagner


Just Like a Woman
15th March 1988 - 15th May 1988
South Carolina, Greenville County Museum of Art

Portrait of the American Law
13th October 1988 - 15th January 1989
Washington, D.C.
The National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

One Hundred Years: A Centennial Celebration of the National Association of Women Artists
16th October 1988 - 31st December 1988
Roslyn Harbor, New York
Nassau County Museum of Fine Art

The Face
1st December 1988 - 26th January 1989
Little Rock, The Arkansas Arts Center
Catalogue by Townshend Wolfe


American Art Today: The Portrait
8th May 1987 - 3rd June 1987
The Art Museum at Florida International University

The Expressionist Landscape: North American Modernist Painting, 1920-1947
11th September 1987 - 4th November 1987
Birmingham, Alabama, Birmingham Museum of Art
Traveled to four venues in the United States and Canada. Catalogue organized by Ruth Stevens Appelhof and Cumbee Wilson, with essays by Appelhof, Barbara Haskell, and Jeffrey R. Hayes

The Artist's Mother: Portraits and Homages
14th November 1987 - 3rd January 1988
Huntington, New York, Heckscher Museum

Travelled to Washington, D.C., The National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Frivolity and Mortality: The Tradition of Vanitas in Contemporary Painting
2nd December 1987 - 26th December 1987
New York, Sherry French
Travelled to seven venues


The Male Nude: Women Regard Men
6th February 1986 - 1st March 1986
New York, Hudson Center Galleries

Contemporary American Still Life
19th April 1986 - 15th June 1986
Trenton, New Jersey State Museum

Objects Observed
16th November 1986 - 30th December 1986
New Jersey, Summit Art Center
Summit Art Center (now New Jersey Center for the Visual Arts)


The Figure in 20th-Century American Art: Selections from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
9th February 1985 - 8th June 1986
New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Federation of Arts. Traveled to seven venues Catalogue by Henry Geldzahler

The Gathering of the Avant-Garde: The Lower East Side, 1950-1970
1st May 1985 - 15th July 1985
New York, Kenkeleba Gallery

The Surreal City: 1930s-1950s
3rd May 1985 - 11th July 1985
New York, Whitney Museum of American Art

Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris. Traveled to four venues. Brochure essay by Susan Lobowsky

Innocence and Experience
8th October 1985 - 24th November 1985
South Carolina, Greenville County Art Museum

Traveled to New York, First Street Gallery. Catalogue by Tommy Styron

Memorial Exhibition: Ivan Albright, Jimmy Ernst, Armin Landeck, Alice Neel
18th November 1985 - 15th December 1985
New York

American Academy & Institute of Arts & Letters

Nude, Naked, Stripped
13th December 1985 - 2nd February 1986
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hayden Gallery, List Visual Arts Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Catalogue by the MIT Committee on the Visual Arts


American Women Artists (Part I: 20th-Century Pioneers)
12th January 1984 - 2nd February 1984
New York, Sidney Janis Gallery

21st February 1984 - 22nd April 1984
Evanston, Illinois, Terra Museum of American Art

Catalogue essay by Linda Nochlin

Elaine de Kooning and Alice Neel
1st March 1984 - 30th March 1984
New York, Phoenix Gallery

The Human Condition: SFMOMA Biennial III
28th June 1984 - 26th September 1984
San Francisco, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Artists in Vermont
25th September 1984 - 31st December 1984
Burlington, Vermont, Robert Hull Fleming Museum


Eight Women/Still Life
1st January 1983 - 24th December 1983
New Britain, Connecticut, New Britain Museum

The Art of Still Life
20th January 1983 - 19th February 1983
Washington, D.C., Fendrick Gallery

Artists in the Historical Archives of the Women's Interart Center of New York City
1st March 1983 - 31st March 1983

Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts)

Faces Since the 50's: A Generation of American Portraiture
11th March 1983 - 17th April 1983
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Center Gallery, Bucknell University. Catalogue essay by Joseph Jacobs

Das Andere Amerika: Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte der Amerikanischen Arbeiter Bewegung Bewegung
13th March 1983 - 24th April 1983
Berlin, Staatliche Kunsthaller Berlin

(The Other America: Art, Culture, and History of the American Labor Movement). Travelled through Europe, organized by the Neue Gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst

Social Concern and Urban Realism: American Paintings of the 1930s
1st April 1983 - 30th October 1983
Boston, Boston University Art Gallery

Opened in New York at Gallery 1199 and travelled to five subsequent venues. Catalogue by Patricia Hills, with an essay by Raphael Soyer

The Painterly Figure
24th July 1983 - 4th September 1983
Southampton, New York, The Parrish Art Museum

Catalogue essay by Klaus Kertess

American Still Life: 1945-1983
20th September 1983 - 20th November 1983
Houston, Texas, Contemporary Arts Museum

Traveled to four venues. Catalogue by Linda L. Cathcart


Realism and Realities, The Other Side of American Painting 1940-1960
17th January 1982 - 26th March 1982
New Brunswick, New Jersey

Rutgers University Art Gallery. Travelled to two venues Catalogue by Greta Berman and Jefferey Wechsler

Five Distinguished Alumni: The WPA Federal Art Project
21st January 1982 - 22nd February 1982
Washington, D.C.

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution. Catalogue by Judith Zilczer, with an interview with Alice Neel

Aspects of Contemporary Realism
1st March 1982 - 31st May 1982
Wayne, New jersey

Ben Shahn Galleries, The William Patterson College (now University) of New Jersey

Five Artists and the Figure: Duane Hanson, Alex Katz, Philip Pearlstein, Alice Neel, George Segal
9th April 1982 - 9th June 1982
Stamford, Connecticut

Whitney Museum of American Art, Fairfield County

Focus on the Figure: Twenty Years
15th April 1982 - 13th June 1982
New York, Whitney Museum of American Art

Homo Sapiens: The Many Images
9th May 1982 - 5th September 1982
Ridgefield, Connecticut

The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. Catalogue

America 1931: The Artists View
10th September 1982 - 7th November 1982
Reno, Nevada, Sierra Nevada Museum of Art

New Portraits: Behind Faces
19th October 1982 - 6th February 1983
Dayton, Ohio

Contemporary Art Center, The Dayton Art Institute


The Human Form: Interpretations
8th February 1981 - 2nd March 1981

Robert and Jane Myerhoff Gallery, Maryland Institute, College of Art

Real, Really Real, Super Real: Directions in Contemporary American Realism
1st March 1981 - 26th April 1981
San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Museum of Art. Travelled to three venues. Catalogue by Sally BootheMeredith, with essays by Alvin Martin, Linda Nochlin, and Philip Pearlstein

Inside Out: Self Beyond Likeness
22nd May 1981 - 12th July 1981
California, Newport Harbor Art Museum

Traveled to two venues Catalogue by Lynn Gamwell and Victoria Kogan

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Contemporary American Realism Since 1960
18th September 1981 - 13th December 1981

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Travelled to five venues in the United States and Europe. Catalogue by Frank Goodyear Jr.

Still Life and Beyond
19th September 1981 - 11th October 1981
New Canaan, Connecticut

The Silvermine Guild of Artists

Paintings of the Human Figure: Alice Neel and Anne Abrons
6th October 1981 - 23rd October 1981
Bennington, Vermont

Suzanne Lemberg Usdan Gallery, Bennington College

The Figure
5th December 1981 - 7th January 1982
New York, Tibor de Nagy Gallery


15th January 1980 - 20th February 1980
New York, Graham Gallery

Aspects of the 70's: Directions in Realism
17th May 1980 - 24th August 1980
Framingham, Massachusetts, Danforth Museum

Catalogue by John Perreault

Selected 20th-Century American Self-Portraits
1st October 1980 - 1st November 1980
New York, Harold Reed Gallery

American Figure Painting 1950-1980
17th October 1980 - 30th November 1980
Norfolk, Virginia, Chrysler Museum


An Honorary Exhibition: Isabel Bishop, Selma Burke, Alice Neel, Louise Nevelson, and Georgia O'Keeffe
1st January 1979 - 30th January 1979
Washington, D.C., Middendorf Lane Gallery

The Opposite Sex: A Realistic Viewpoint
25th February 1979 - 29th March 1979
University of Missouri at Kansas City

As We See Ourselves: Artists' Self-Portraits
2nd March 1979 - 1st April 1979
Huntington, New York, Heckscher Museum

Six Painters of the Figure: Alex Katz, Diana Kurz, Alfred Leslie, Alice Neel, Philip Pearlstein, Sylvia Sleigh
5th March 1979 - 7th April 1979
Boulder, Fine Arts Gallery, University of Colorado

Catalogue essay by Jean-Edith Weiffenbach

20th November 1979 - 15th December 1979
New York, Harold Reed Gallery


1, Sister Chapel
15th January 1978 - 19th February 1978
Queens, New York, P.S

Travelled to Stony Brook, New York, The Fine Arts Center Gallery, State University of New York

Drawings: Alice Neel ,John Dobb
1st November 1978 - 2nd December 1978
New York, Summit Gallery

American Painting of the 1970s
8th December 1978 - 14th January 1979
Buffalo, New York, Albright-Knox Gallery

Traveled to six venues Catalogue by Linda L. Cathcart


New Deal for Art: The Government Art Projects of the 1930s with Examples from New York City and State Oswego
25th January 1977 - 13th February 1977
Oswego, New York
New York, Tyler Art Gallery, College of Arts and Sciences, State University of New York Traveled to seven venues Catalogue by Marlene Park and Gerald E. Markowitz

New York WPA Artists Then and Now
8th November 1977 - 10th December 1977
New York

Parsons School of Design Exhibition Center

June Blum, Audrey Flack, Alice Neel: Three Contemporary American Women Realists
5th December 1977 - 6th December 1977
Miami, Florida

South Campus Art Gallery (now Kendall Campus Gallery), Miami-Dade Community College Also January 4-19,1978. Catalogue

Tenth Street Days: The Co-Ops of the 50's
20th December 1977 - 7th January 1978
New York, The Association of Artist-Run Galleries
Traveled to various galleries in New York City, circulated by the Gallery Association of New York State. Catalogue edited by Joellen Bard


American Family Portraits: 1730-1976
28th February 1976 - 30th June 1976
Philadelphia, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Portraits U.S.A. 1776-1976
18th April 1976 - 6th June 1976
University Park, Pennsylvania State University

Exhibition of Work
20th May 1976 - 13th June 1976
New York, The American Academy of Arts & Letters
The American Academy of Arts & Letters and National Institute of Arts & Letters

Women Artists Here and Now
20th June 1976 - 6th August 1976
Notre Dame, Indiana
Indiana, Art Gallery, O'Shaughnessy Hall, University of Notre Dame

Exhibition of Liturgical Arts
29th July 1976 - 8th August 1976
Philadelphia Civic Center
Catalogue by the 41st International Eucharistic Congress, with an introduction by Victoria Donohue, includes Neel's Archbishop Jean Jadot, 1976

Paintings by Three American Realists: Alice Neel, Sylvia Sleigh, May Stevens
17th September 1976 - 31st October 1976
Syracuse, New York, Everson Museum of Art

Dorothy Gillespie, Alice Neel, Charlotte Robinson, Sylvia Sleigh: Recent Paintings and Works on Paper
29th September 1976 - 25th October 1976
Washington, D.C., Fendrick Gallery

Women Artists: 1550-1950
21st December 1976 - 13th March 1977
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Catalogue by Linda Nochlin and Ann Sutherland Harris


The Human Image Today
9th February 1975 - 26th February 1975
Lynchburg, Virginia
The Art Gallery, Randolph-Macon Woman's College

Sons and Others: Women Artists See Men
15th March 1975 - 27th April 1975
Flushing, New York, The Queens Museum

Three Centuries of the American Nude
9th May 1975 - 13th July 1975
New York, The New York Cultural Center
Traveled to two venues. Catalogue by William H. Gerdts and Leslie Cohen

Works on Paper - Women Artists
24th September 1975 - 9th November 1975
The Brooklyn Museum

Candid Painting: American Genre 1950-1975
12th October 1975 - 7th December 1975
Lincoln, Massachusetts, De Cordova Museum
Catalogue by Eva Jacobs

Color, Light, and Image
13th November 1975 - 30th January 1976
New York, Women's Interart Center

Images of Women
15th November 1975 - 7th December 1975
Seattle, Linda Farris Gallery

Alice Neel: Collector of Souls
23rd November 1975 - 2nd January 1976
New Jersey, Fair Lawn Public Library

Figure as Form: American Painting 1930-1975
25th November 1975 - 4th January 1976
Saint Petersburg, Florida, Museum of Fine Arts
Travelled to two venues. Catalogue by Margaret A. Miller

From Pedestal to Pavement: The Image of Women in American Art, 1875-1975
5th December 1975 - 30th January 1976
South Hadley, Massachusetts, Mount Holyoke College


Women: Self Image
8th March 1974 - 18th April 1974
New York, Women's Interart Center

In Her Own Image
5th April 1974 - 10th May 1974
Philadelphia, Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial

Women's Work: American Art
28th April 1974 - 26th May 1974
Philadelphia, Philadelphia Civic Center

Tokyo International Biennial,1974: New Image in Painting
6th September 1974 - 18th September 1974
Tokyo, Osaka
Travelled to Osaka, Japan, Han Shin Department Store

New Images: Figuration in American Painting
16th November 1974 - 29th December 1974
Flushing, New York, The Queens Museum

17th December 1974 - 30th January 1975
New York, Women's Interart Center


Women Choose Women
12th January 1973 - 18th February 1973
New York, The New York Cultural Center

Art Lift
10th February 1973 - 24th February 1973
New York, Women's Interart Center

The Male Nude
15th February 1973 - 13th March 1973
New York, School of Visual Arts

Visual Arts Gallery, School of Visual Arts

The Male Nude
1st November 1973 - 12th December 1973
Hempstead, New York

Emily Lowe Gallery, Hofstra University. Organized by Robert Littman


Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
25th January 1972 - 18th February 1972
New York, Whitney Museum of American Art


146th Annual Exhibition
25th February 1971 - 21st March 1971
New York, National Academy of Design

Neel was also included in the 1975 and 1983 annual exhibitions


Mom, Apple Pie, and the American Flag
1st January 1969 - 30th January 1969
New York, Graham Gallery

Contemporary Portraits
2nd February 1969 - 22nd February 1969
New York, The Museum of Modern Art

Opened in Storrs, Connecticut, Museum of Art, University of Connecticut, and traveled to six subsequent venues

An Exhibition of Contemporary Painting, Sculpture, and Graphic Arts
28th March 1969 - 30th March 1969
New York, The National Institute of Arts & Letters

Exhibition of Work by Newly Elected Members and Recipients of Honors and Award
21st May 1969 - 15th June 1969
New York, The American Academy of Arts & Letters

The American Academy of Arts & Letters and National Institute of Arts & Letters


Social Comment in America
25th February 1968 - 9th June 1968
New York, The Museum of Modern Art

Opened in Appleton, Wisconsin, Lawrence University, and traveled to eight subsequent venues


The Art Work of Benny Andrews, Alice Neel, Tecla (Selnick)
18th April 1966 - 13th May 1966
New York

New York Countee Cullen Regional Branch, Public Library


Exhibition of Paintings Eligible for Purchase under the Childe Hassam Fund
5th February 1965 - 21st February 1965
New York, American Academy of Arts & Letters

Neel was also included in this exhibition in 1972, 1973, and 1976


The New England Exhibition
30th March 1964 - 30th July 1964
New Canaan, Connecticut

The Silvermine Guild of Artists

Some Contemporary American Figure Painters
7th May 1964 - 31st May 1964
Hartford, Connecticut, Wadsworth Atheneum

The West Side Artists
28th September 1964 - 8th November 1964
New York, The Riverside Museum

The Emotional Temperatures of Art
10th October 1964 - 31st October 1964
New York, Schenectady Museum Association

Traveled to ten venues


21st May 1962 - 15th June 1962
New York, Kornblee Gallery

Catalogue essay by Jack Kroll

4th June 1962 - 30th June 1962
New York, Zabriskie Gallery

Tenth Street, U.S.A
1st October 1962 - 30th October 1962
New York, Camino Gallery


Alice Neel, Jonah Kinigstein, Anthony Toney, Giacomo Porzano
1st December 1960 - 31st December 1960
New York, A.C.A. Gallery


Two One-Man Exhibitions: Capt. Hugh N. Mulzac, Alice Neel
30th August 1954 - 11th September 1954
New York, A.C.A. Gallery


Mid-Season Retrospection
26th February 1940 - 16th March 1940
New York, Contemporary Arts


The New York Group
5th February 1939 - 18th February 1939
New York, A.C.A. Gallery


The New York Group
23rd May 1938 - 4th June 1936
New York, A.C.A. Gallery

Paintings for the Five to Fifty Christmas Budget
5th December 1938 - 25th December 1938
New York, Contemporary Arts


Open Exhibition, Contemporary Arts
19th September 1936 - 1st October 1936
New York


New York Artists
17th March 1934 - 8th April 1934
New York

New York Artists: Who Have Participated in the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibitions, International Art Center of Roerich Museum


New York, International Book and Art Shop
1st January 1933 - 30th January 1993
New York

Exhibition & Sale of Pictures by Needy New York Artists
1st March 1933 - 8th March 1933
New York, Hotel Brevoort

Living Art: American, French, German, Italian, Mexican, and Russian Artists
16th March 1933 - 14th April 1933
Philadelphia, Mellon Galleries

Exhibition of Pictures for Sale or Rental
28th September 1933 - 1st November 1933
New York, Hotel New Weston


First Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit
28th May 1932 - 5th June 1932
New York, Washington Square Park

Square Outdoor Art Exhibit
12th November 1932 - 20th November 1932
New York, Washington Square Park


XII Salon de Bel/as Artes
1st March 1927 - 30th April 1927
Havana, Cuba

Exposicion de Arte Nuevo
7th May 1927 - 31st May 1927
Havana, Cuba