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Alice Neel, Uptown

Alice Neel: Uptown is the latest Alice Neel exhibition to take place at Victoria Miro Gallery, London following a showing of a larger version of the exhibition in New York York. It runs till 29 July 2017. Conceived and selected by the Pullitzer Prize-winning, African American New Yorker theatre critic, Hilton Als, the show concentrates on Neel's depictions of people of colour from the time she moved to Spansih (East) Harlem in 1937 to her final decades on the Upper West Side. The catalogue contains Als's personal response to Neel's oeuvre, as well as an article by Jeremy Lewison situating Neel's depictions of members of New York's immigrant population within the context of publications about poverty and democracy that appeared in the 1950s and 1960s.

The exhibition includes a number of paintings never previously seen in London. Click here for more information